OPUS   request space in The University Union or The WELL   

OPUS   request space in The University Union or The WELL 

OPUS allows on-campus organizations to make a room request but it does not guarantee you space. 
When you receive a tentative contract, you can then be assured that you have the room(s) reserved.

Campus Departments may begin submitting WELL reservation requests on the following dates:

  • November 12th - Begin submitting Spring (Jan/Feb/Mar/Apr/May) 2020 reservations
  • March 30th - Begin submitting Summer(June/July/August) 2020 reservations
  • June 1st - Begin submitting Fall (Sept/Oct/Nov/Dec) 2020 reservations

The WELL is currently accepting reservations through May 2020. Please see our website for the full details of The WELL's Priority Scheduling: thewellatsacstate.com/book-the-well/facility-reservations



The University Union will begin accepting requests for Fall 2020 General Meetings at 6:30 am on Wednesday, April 22nd. 
For helpful information and details on how to submit your request please see:


COVID-19 UPDATE: The Event Services department has now transitioned to virtual operations.  We are still working and we are still available to work with you on future meetings/events you have booked.  We are also still taking requests for future special events.  You may still contact us by email at events.union@csus.edu.  This is a shared inbox to which all reservation staff have access. You may call us at (916) 278-6743.  You may also contact your Event Coordinators directly by email or phone.